Body-Centered Therapy

What is Therapy Like with Jen?

This is therapy with a laser focus on the body.



You know there is a lifetime or perhaps even lifetimes of stuff for you to unearth and you are ready to dig deep. You want to heal and give your grief time and space to unravel, unwind.

Are you ready to rebirth yourself into something brand new?

Rebirth isn't always comfortable. Do you feel on the edge of something big? Discomfort is something we all feel, especially with the current state of the political, social, and environmental world in which we live.

Therapy is a spiritual practice.

Discomfort can feel comfortable, but it takes practice, and your body may not be used to this practice.

Therapy with Jen will align your body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit because she knows they all need to have equal say in the process of your rebirth.

We will dive deep into to all of those places together.   

Your body will unlearn and then relearn how to be this new version of you.

What is Body Centered Therapy?

Trauma gets stored in the body. Not only do traumatic events get stored in your body but they also get stored in the body of humanity, and trauma is passed down generationally. Also stored in the body: messages about yourself because you had parents who didn't see you or hear you, schooling and media that said women and men should be a certain way, partners and friends who have told you how you should look, feel and act.

No matter how much work you do on yourself, how much you try and figure out what is going on, how much you wonder what you can do to make things better, full transformation can only be completed when you dig into the cellular memory of your bodies entire system.

Unlearn (verb) ;

Discard (something learned, especially a bad habit or false or outdated information) from one's memory
To put out of one's knowledge or memory
To undo the effect of: discard the habit of

Your body is your right and your responsibility. You have a right and a responsibility to your body. Your heart, soul, gifts, purpose and your essential being want to be freed.

When the body spends most, or all, of its life oriented to a certain pattern of being or behavior it will automatically continue to orient there until we re-pattern it. The cells of our body are programmed to move towards what they know in order to be nourished The problem arises because the mind does a great job at second guessing the body. “No, don’t do it that way.” “This is the right way.” “This is how everyone else is doing it.” “This is the healthy way to do it.” “This new way will never work”, “This is not possible for you..” Our bodies have a voice and an innate intelligence which as a culture we have grossly overlooked. We have to return to our bodies’ innate wisdom in order to find the health in our system as a whole. In order to cultivate a true body, mind, spirit connection the body needs to learn that our system can orient to health and many of us have not learned this. We have to unwire and re-wire the cells of our bodies so that they can orient to a new pattern. As we excavate and unpack our truths and a higher awareness of ourselves and tap into the sensations of the body, we can serve the body and begin to treat the body like an integrative whole as opposed to separate pieces all hiding underneath the same umbrella. We first need to learn to separate mind chatter from body signals and tune into our inner wisdom.  From there we can learn to allow them to coexist in a way that serves our ultimate true path.

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Learn How to be FULL OF YOURSELF!

For years I tried to figure it out. The moment I started focusing on my body is the moment it all started to shift.

In my toolbox and up my sleeve, I hold an MA in Counseling Psychology and an MA in Education, a 500-hour ISHTA yoga certificate, a 200-hour Anjali Restorative Yoga certificate, Soma-Source Life Cycles developmental dance therapy training, 10-years study of 5-Rhythms, 30-years experience with group facilitation experience, a peer mediation certification program, extended somatic education, 10-plus years study in Hindu mythology, meditation and philosophy. An extensive social justice background, extensive experience working cross-culturally, and I have explored much of the world as part of my own path of digging into the truth.

The Therapeutic Process

In our sessions you will receive a deep customized safe space, thorough refined communication from me, and a psycho-educational experience that will help you integrate and empower you to take the tools I have into your life. We will use techniques such as conversation, awareness and tracking of bodily sensations, breath connection, subtle movement, and energy management.

You will feel:

  • Safe and confident to let the most authentic you express yourself  

  • Confirmation about who you are meant to me in this lifetime

  • Solid foundations with which to move through life in a healthy way

  • Empowered to easily access your potency and inner wisdom

Did you know that your feelings and confusion are the powerful motivators that will create your transformation? You already have made a huge step forward!

So, if you:

  • Feel out of touch with yourself and your truth

  • Want more confidence and control over your emotions

  • Know you’re at a crucial tipping point in your life

  • Want more out of life - more clarity and more creativity

  • Feel enslaved by societal pressures

  • Suffer from anxiety and fear of the unknown

  • Wonder what it would be like to know your purpose

You will leave with:

  • Self-actualization and acceptance

  • A naturally engaged, relaxed version of you  

  • Higher awareness of yourself and in touch with your inner guide

  • Released patterns, stories about yourself, and beliefs that were holding you back

  • An improved relationship with yourself and the external world

  • A slower, more conscious existence 

  • Awareness of your true passions

  • Engaged with your true desires and ready to take action

Recent conversation with client:

Client: I may need an ego check
Me: Ok
Client: I feel powerful and awesome
Me: Let's reframe this because you do not need an ego check. It is your right and your responsibility to feel powerful and awesome. Your body is unlearning the patterns that have told you to vacate your body, to self-abandon your body, and to shrink and feel small. You grew up feeling like these feelings were safer than this feeling of powerful and awesome. You don't need an ego check my dear, you need a high five!

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