Inner Peace Awaits

It is time, my friend, to uncover your own sense of style, expression and the way you walk through the world.  You are meant to live your version of freedom.

Break free from what has been holding you back all these years.

You want to be peaceful, purposeful and intuitive. You want to feel passionate, centered, empowered, and confident.  You are ready to feel as if life is nourishing you.

All of that is possible for you, but first…

You may not be able to see an evolved version of you, but I do. The truth is, we all need someone to support us as we shed old patterns and integrate  a new sense of self. Right now, perhaps you cannot see what is holding you back. I can spot your patterns quickly, show them to you, and help you work with them so that you you can shed them. Because of my experience, background and ongoing inner work, you can rest assured that I can support you through your transition into a new way of feeling and being.

I use cutting edge methodologies to help you move through chaos and integrate a new sense of self. Because you are unique, our journey together will be specific to you, and I will draw on the techniques you need to create your own profound experience .

My main approach to healing is:


I also have the following in my toolbox:

Somatic Therapy -

Our bodies hold patterns and memories that affect recent, long term and generational patterns. The fullest form of transformation can be embodied when you dig into the patterns, memories and traumas stored in the body and reorient the body to something new. I have studied extensively with local Boulder treasures: David Sawyer, Integrative Somatic Psychotherapist Melissa Michaels, Founder and Director of SomaSource® and Annie Brook, Somatic Psychotherapist. I curated these teachings, because body movement, the body mind connection,  and rebirthing are foundational to my beliefs and therapeutic process.
Soma (noun) *

  • the body as distinct from the soul, mind, or psyche

  • an intoxicating drink prepared from a plant and used in Vedic ritual, believed to be the drink of the gods

  • to distill, extract, sprinkle - often in the context of ritual
    *Webster’s Dictionary

Spiritual Mentorship - 

I’ve been studying the spirit/ soul/ body connection for most of my adult life. The first time I knew there was something more than me was on a hike in my early 20’s. I realized in that moment that praying to the mountains and the eagles made more sense to me than any other type of prayer. In 1998, I walked through the doors of my first yoga studio and there began my formal practice and study. Since then, I have studied yoga asana and philosophy extensively. I received my 500- hour ISHTA yoga certification in the early 2000’s. Shortly thereafter, I started to long for something that was less competitive than most asana seemed to be, so in 2006 I received my Anjali Restorative certification as an enhancement. Through Anjali, I found Douglas Brooks of Rajanaka Yoga with whom I have studied since 2006, and in 2010, I was initiated into Blue Throat Yoga in 2010.  Having sought out both the Yin and the Yang of the spirit worlds, I find myself now in a place of inquiry and study with plant medicine and the earth, shamanic studies and soul-centered explorations.

Rituals and Ceremony - 

In our culture, transitions are often forgotten. They may be deemed unnecessary or  too time-consuming. It is crucial to ritualize the endings and beginnings in your life rather than ‘powering’ through them. Creating ritual around various aspects of your life can transform your world dramatically. Ritualizing something as simple as the transition from sleep state to wake state can have a profound effect on your day. Sign up to receive my morning ritual guide on my homepage.

Shamanic Work - 

So that you can step into the space in between. Journeying can be used to repair relationships with people both alive and passed, to discover what you don’t know, to connect more deeply to your soul, to meet spirit guides. The soul is a vast and expansive place, and due to trauma and unpleasant experiences we lose touch with important parts of it throughout our lifetime. Shamanic journeying can help you retrieve those parts of your soul that desperately want and need to come back into wholeness. I received my training to lead Shamanic journeys by Lisa Wolf and my work with Shamanic Dreaming through Robert Moss

Social Justice Education - 

Diversity, cultural awareness and social patterns are crucial to understand, in order to truly heal yourself. The way in which we relate to ourselves is far more profound when we have taken into consideration the collective. I have traveled much of the globe - through Africa, Asia, South and Central America, Europe, and Mexico - in exploration mode. Teaching and offering counseling in the public schools of San Francisco and New York and developing and implemented social justice trainings for college students have both been highlights of my diversity work. This is an area I am passionate about, I live by, and I apply to my therapy sessions. I sat on the Diversity Committee at University of Colorado at Boulder for several years and presented at every Diversity Summit CU held in that time. I believe there is no healing without a deeper knowledge of the power, privilege, and oppression that lives in the body of humanity and translates into our own bodies.

Intuitive Offerings - 

I don’t have a crystal ball and if you sit in front of me, I can’t tell you when the world is going to end.  However, I will sense a lot about you, which you may be surprised to hear but will help the healing process if you are open to it. Throughout my time with clients, I often have heard them say,  ”It’s funny that you said that because…..” , but there is nothing funny about it. I often intentionally say things that are on point to get you to a higher level of awareness more quickly.  I will always ask you if you would like to hear something I may sense. 

Pelvic Center Vitality -

At the center of our being, the place where life is created, there is a vital creative power. This power often goes untapped and is linked directly to our voice. I have studied and experienced first-hand how to activate and connect to this place in the body. Through visualization, meditations, self-touch, intention, and energetic awareness you can turn on this part of your body that generally lies dormant. Women have been taught to shut this down and feel shame and men have been taught to harness power from somewhere much less powerful. I will teach you how to connect to your most vital life force. Thank you to Elizabeth Betwixt for her profound teachings.

Dream Interpretation - 

Don’t you sometimes wish you could catch another glimpse of that one dream you had? OR Dream BIG - Literally. Do you want to learn how to create your future through your dreams? As in, the dreams you have at night? I have healed major patterns in my dream world and love to help others learn how to do the same. Studying with Robert Moss, Dream Teacher and Shamanic Dreamer opened me up even further to the power of our dream world.

Yoga - 

The first yoga sutra in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is: Atha Yoganusasanam - which translates to: now we begin the practice of yoga. Yoga means union. Each and every moment is a moment to practice union with yourself and the world around you. I have been practicing yoga asana since 1998 and studying yoga philosophy since the early 2000’s. Hindu Mythology was my main focus for over a decade , and I use the intimate stories of the gods and the goddesses as fractions of the divine for you to work with and relate to. My trainings include: 500 TT, Anjali Restorative Yoga training, and extensive study with Douglas Brooks, the founder of Rajanaka Yoga.

YOU: are sick of ‘rebelling’ through life alone, feeling unsure of yourself, feeling like you want a change and that you are  tired of coming up against the same obstacles over and over.

LINE RIGHT UP MY FRIEND - you are not alone!

WARNING: The ONLY WAY TO FEEL GOOD  and empowered in your life is to get messy, befriend your inner chaos, and accept your human-ness. The way to become MORE FREE is to learn how to hold space for your own inner experience and allow it to move through your body so you can become your strongest, most powerful, confident self.

And Guess what? You have all of the answers inside you.

All you need is some help in digging in to find them. You can access all of the answers to your life’s most difficult questions, and I will support you in getting there.

What if you could shed all of the ‘should's’ you have adopted  in order to fit into a mold that doesn’t really suit you?

What if you  could be emotional  and still feel connected and empowered? What if your emotions were your allies as opposed to your oppressors? What if you trusted your way of moving through life,  and accepted that the messiness and emotional upheaval part of being in a human body? What if you KNEW that every single part of you needs an outlet for its fullest expression?

Would you feel better? I think so.

This is where your most powerful self can be found.
It lies beyond the layers of societal norms and the behavioral patterns which you have conditioned yourself to accept.

I can teach you how to transform from feeling stuck, disconnected and anxious to conscious, confident, free and powerful.

I believe there are 5 vital steps you need in order to become a more potent version of you:

1 - Grounding - Understanding, naming and anchoring your own needs. Becoming aware of your most basic needs as a human being is an essential part of our work together. You have to name it to tame it.

2 - Simplifying - Teasing apart the things and the traumas that keep you feeling confused or stuck.  I will show you how to stop focusing on ‘what happened’ and start focusing on ‘how it has resulted in specific outcomes in my life’.

3 - Tuning in - Learning how to listen to yourself, despite the noise and getting clear on what your body really needs at any given moment in time.  Your body has the answers to all of your most profound questions.

4 - Support - Getting comfortable with discomfort is a challenge.  When the body orients to a new way of being, knowing how to support the pain, self sabotage, cultivating kindness and self love is crucial.  This cannot be done alone - we all need help.

5 - Integration - Welcoming the new pieces of you into your life is a process that requires celebration.

Throughout our work together you will begin to FEEL A SHIFT and you will begin to feel differently.  You will notice that you feel more PEACEFUL, and you will care less about ALL THE THINGS, yet feel focused and more aligned with the ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING: YOU.   

Some of my clients have reported feeling:

“I no longer need outside opinions to help me decide”
“I know how to say no - I have boundaries”!”
“I express my truth without fearing the consequences”
“I confidently say what I want, I no longer hold back”
“My body guides me every day, and I know how to interpret its messages”
“Whenever I am uncertain, I know to ask my body for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and I know the difference in feeling between the two.”
“I no longer apologize for every.single.thing”
“I learned how to kindly say “F#@k Off” to anyone who stands in my way”
“I know what my purpose is! I’ve searched for so long, but now I know and I’m not afraid to give it space to unfold”
“It is so much easier for me to connect with others, because I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin”
“I’m no longer ashamed of myself.  I judged myself for so long”
“I no longer feel like I don’t belong.  I know my sense of style is a part of who I am”

You are on a treasure hunt for the divine.
You are curious about finding your soul’s purpose.
You are ready to feel truly liberated from all of the fear, anxiety and the emotional havoc in your life. 

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