"When I started working with Jen, I noted that one of my deepest desires is to have more inner peace, to care less what others think and to feel less stiffness in my mind – I always find that I need to over-prepare, over think and have a certain perception of how things should be and how situations will unfold. I wanted to feel more at ease with myself and to ‘flow in’ to situations – just be me and allow myself to be more flexible and intuitive in my approach.  Jen is really sharp when it comes to uncovering patterns and gently exposing them to you.  I can’t believe some of the things she has guided me to see about myself and the patterns to which I am DEEPLY committed – even though I don’t want to be!  Through it all, you can bet that Jen is the BEST at holding the space you need for you to unravel your crap and to help you (through breathing techniques, mantras and other rituals) come back to center in different form.  I feel like  a different person – I feel more freedom and layer by layer Jen is helping me shed more patterns that have been holding  me back for so long. Highly recommended for whoever is ready to do the work and wants results! This is a no bullshit kind of process – it’s real and it is beautiful.." ~ EC

"Jen changed the game for me. She opened up a recognition of myself that is allowing me to understand how I operate in the world and is CRITICAL as I move forward with one of the largest soul-inspired business ventures I've been gearing up towards for many lifetimes. Get thee an appointment! You're head is going to blow! (with love and goodness)." ~ TM

"My sessions with beautiful Jen were full of surprises! I was soon to learn I was connected to all this powerful goddess energy, revealing insights into my own psyche and purpose. Jen was there to feel, uncover, and filter all of this cosmic data, offering me the guidance I needed and intuitively steering me in the right direction. We had some pretty awesome "ah ha" moments! In a way it reaffirmed what I knew in my heart was there all along, it's just sometimes we bury it so deep we need to be reconnected. That's why Jen is an archeologist of the soul!" ~ RR

"I found the sessions with Jen to be so dense with revelation and clarification that it opened me to a process that has impacted on my personal and professional growth so powerfully. I find Jen is able to create and hold a safe space for exploration and integration. I would recommend Jen without hesitation. You will only experience positive outcomes from it." ~ LN

"Jen is patient, thorough and very knowledgeable. I strongly recommend her if you're really interested in getting to know your soul self better." ~IH

"Jen is a supportive guide into the "deep dive" of  inner most desires and passions that can be sadly unacknowledged. For example, by working with Jen, I realized that I needed to express more passion for my loves and not just supporting others. Since working with her, I signed up for a dance class and love it. People comment on the joy and energy that I exude when I am there at class.  I also now incorporate dancing into most days because it bring me true joy- a joy I did not realize was missing.  She has facilitated me moving forward on the path of getting to know myself and I now listen more to the powerful physical messages and sensations my body sends through out the day. Her sessions and videos contributed to an awaking and a transition in my life that was needed and is continuing." ~ MW

"I firmly believe that as young women blossoming in this complex world, we need dynamic female figures to help guide and shape our aspirations. Jen lays the foundation to find personal lifelines –our roots- and inspires those around her to reach beyond while remaining grounded. She has provided me with the ability to discover and holster my passionate potential while radiating a sense of beauty and ease. In order to flourish we must first discover the essence within our bodies and minds that creates our own personal beauty.  Jen promoted the evolution of my spirit, helping me to understand my wild independence, and how I can practically apply the core of my character in the world to achieve true fulfillment." ~ SM

"Jen’s impact and influence gave me the platform on which I stand on. This is a platform of confidence, self awareness and love. Because of our conversations, her truth and her love, I continue to live life in abundance. I appreciate Jen’s love, her dedication and her patience and I thank her for showing up for not only for me but for a generation." ~ BW

"Jen Ross was an amazing guide. Her energy, her spirit and guidance were key elements that helped me move forward." ~ AA

"Jen is extremely gifted at getting the most out of any individual because of her insight at understanding people’s strengths and weaknesses. Jen has been instrumental in not just my career, but in my growth as an individual because her passion inspires anybody who interacts with her." ~ NW

"Jen has drawn out my confidence and pointed me towards my own set of strengths. Jen does not micromanage, but instead calls others higher to explore and bridge the gap between their passions and their newly discovered  selves." ~ EK

"I still remember my first class with Jen which was almost 10 years ago. I was struck by her combination of play and intelligence; You were allowed to be you. That's what kept me coming back. You were always good enough. Jen cultivates a space of acceptance and self-love that can allow you to work to profoundly healing places." ~ MD

"Yoga classes support my daily practice for an experience that is physical and goes beyond the physical. I want to get into the body and out of the mind; come to my senses (quite literally). Good instructors do more than lead a class, they help me find my limits and explore them without going beyond. The best support me accepting myself wherever my limits are (I am enough). My first yoga class was in 1978 and I’ve experienced many teachers over the years. Jen is amongst the best. She comes to mind at class end when I express gratitude to my teachers". ~ CM

"I have known Jen Ross for nearly 8 years. Jen is an outstanding educator who takes the time to get to know her student's background and experiences.  She uses these experiences to help students develop a sense of self-worth, often times where there was very little to begin with. She develops within each student a desire to be a better person not only for themselves but for the world around them. Her greatest gift is her ability to teach balance, perhaps this is a by product of her dedication to yoga and self-understanding. Jen finds within each person, young and older alike, a piece of their soul that needs nourishment and teaches the individual to help it bloom with her guidance. I don't think she has ANY idea what a huge impact meeting her had on my teaching outlook!" ~ JB

"Jen is a graceful and authentic leader that encourages those around her to be their best self. She leads with compassion and strength, giving individuals support when needed and space for independent growth and development whenever possible." ~ SB

"Jen Ross is a force of nature.  If you’re looking for someone who knows how to show up, say it like it is and work shit out, she’s your woman.  She’s a fierce warrior, a passionate advocate, and a servant of positive change.  She doesn’t back down from the hard stuff, so be prepared to get dirty, to get real, and to get results." ~ MM

"Jen Ross is a mighty woman, a lover of all that is dynamic and alive. She gives herself fully to her initiatives, offering a depth of care and respect that is rare and precious. Jen is a team player, a friend of the unheard, a devotee of truth. I would include her on my team anywhere in this world!" ~ NE

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