Why Psychotherapy?

You know there is a lifetime or perhaps even lifetimes of "stuff" for you to uncover and you are ready to dig deep. You want to be supported and held and you know you want to give your healing and repair time and space to unravel, unwind and rebirth. 

You are looking for a long-term relationship that can and will support your growth.

Discomfort is something we all feel, probably daily these days with the state of the political, social, and environmental world we are living in.

Psychotherapy and working long-term with feelings of discomfort is a spiritual, meditative, and reflective practice

Discomfort takes us to the edge and helps us breakthrough.

I am the definition of a holistic psychotherapist in that I work with all of the parts of who you are. Your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. We will go to all of those places together.