Intuitive Guidance

Someone once said to me: "You are so connected to your heart and soul that when you connect to us, you make our hearts and souls accessible to us also."

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What is standing in your way?

You do not know exactly what your most confident, aligned,  potent self looks like, and you are standing at an edge, looking over, uncertain as to how to get to the other side.
noun: alignment
Arrangement of parts in appropriate relative positions.

All you need is a bridge to walk-over. I am your bridge into alignment.

I will help you unravel your core desires, connect to others and the world around you. You will feel confident, powerful, visible, and we will, together, unearth the patterns that are holding you back from being your most brilliant sense of self.
You will feel seen and BE GIFTED A NEW PERSPECTIVE, which means you will be able to take the action necessary to move forward.

What happens in Intuitive Guidance with me?

During our time together, we will have an open discussion about your present circumstances, where you are stuck and what feels like needs to shift in order for you to come into alignment.

I will tune into your field of energy and the energy around you, and guide you towards what is in alignment for you. You may be held back because of a certain pattern you are hanging onto in the present, and I can guide you to make an aligned decision about it.

I would never tell you what you HAVE to do, I will gently and lovingly tell you what is coming up for me.  

I am DIRECT, and I believe by being direct I will serve the highest good of our time together so that you can GET QUICK RESULTS and SHIFT QUICKLY.

At the end of our session, you may ask yourself, “What just happened” because of the  shift.

It’s like wiping out an old hard drive, and installing a brand new operating system.  

You will receive a SOUL UPDATE.

See what people are saying:

"I had a personal session with Jen and it changed the game for me. She opened up a recognition of myself that is allowing me to understand how I operate in the world and is CRITICAL as I move forward with one of the largest soul-inspired business ventures I've been gearing up towards for many lifetimes. Get thee an appointment! You're hear is going to blow! (with love and goodness)." ~ TM

"My session with beautiful Jen was full of surprises! I didn't really know what to fully expect. It was something new, different and exciting and I was soon to learn I was connected to all this powerful goddess energy, revealing insights into my own psyche and purpose. Jen was there to feel, uncover, and filter all of this cosmic data, offering me the guidance I needed and intuitively steering me in the right direction. We had some pretty awesome "ah ha" moments! In a way it reaffirmed what I knew in my heart was there all along, it's just sometimes we bury it so deep we need to be reconnected. That's why Jen is an archeologist of the soul!" ~ RR

"I have had two sessions with Jen as I found the first session to be so dense with revelation and clarification that it opened me to a process that has impacted on my personal and professional growth so powerfully. I find Jen is able to create and hold a safe space for exploration and integration. I have had readings before and found some of them to be insightful but the way that Jen is able to work with the archetypes with such depth of wisdom and connection is rare. I would recommend Jen without hesitation. You will only experience positive outcomes from it." ~ LN

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