Who I am: A therapist, a spiritual mentor, an intuitive, an archeologist of the soul and a doula to your transition. I'm an embodiment junky and teacher whose passion lies in guiding everyone to peel back the layers of their lives so that they can live a truly free and purposeful life.

Otherwise can be found: Deepening my connection to mother earth, holding space for others to unwind their chaos, questioning the paradigms imposed by society.

Uniting breath with movement…


Always seeking to: teach others how to improve communication with their inner self so that they can communicate better

with others and with the world around them.

If there is something I can do better than anyone else, it is see YOU and your inhibitions – the things that are completely holding you back from leading a truly FREE life. 

If you are looking to find inner peace by connecting with a guru to give you all of the answers on how to fit into a ‘normal life’, I’m here to tell you this dream does not exist.  

The only way to feel like you fit in is to accept the fact that you were NOT born to fit in.  

The only way to feel good and organized is to get messy with yourself, accept your inner chaos, and hold space for it to move through and become your rebirth.

Guess what? You have all of the answers inside you and all you need is some help in digging in to find them. You can access all of the answers to your life’s most difficult questions yourself, and I will support you getting there.

So, what if you could shed all of the ‘should's’ you have imposed on yourself in order to fit into a mold that doesn’t really suit you? What if you felt really good with who you are and did not care what others said and thought about you? What if you felt like your emotions didn't always run the show?

Would you feel better? I think so.

This is where your freedom lies. It lies beyond the layers of societal norms and the behavioral patterns which we have conditioned ourselves to accept. 

I can teach you how to transform from feeling stuck, disconnected and anxious to conscious, free and powerful.

I believe there are 3 vital steps you need in order to become a more potent version of you:

1, Connection to your Self: 
Learning to connect to your heart and body and navigating your life less with your mind is the ticket to enhancing your intuition and  living your freedom.

2, Connection to Others:
Freedom does not come to be without creating a change. We will excavate the stories you have been telling yourself and expose the patterns that have you stuck. These are the layers that hold you back from feeling fully YOUrself and at ease when engaging with others.  

3, Connection to Mother Earth:
Enhancing the use of your 5 senses and accessing your connection to soul and spirit, we will create the deep and sensual connection that you crave in your life. 
This will bridge the final gap between how you are feeling today and how you will feel when you are FREE.

Start living your freedom now!

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