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You have ferocity, fire and a sense of “there’s something I’m meant to be doing in this world". You are a creative powerhouse whose soul is ready to be expressed, you need a container to provide the structure for it to emerge, and you know this is a breakthrough. You are in transition, are becoming someone different, and you are ready to become someone who trusts themselves completely. 

You know there is more because you can feel it. You love to say yes, but you don’t always know how to say “no". As a result you often find yourself spread too thin and depleted. You know you need to cultivate more boundaries but you hate letting people down.

The time is now!

It’s time to let go of the fear, anxiety, ‘should's’ and disconnect from self. It’s time to slow down and get in touch with yourself. Harness your mind chatter, come into liberation, freedom, possibility, acceptance of yourself, clarity and permission to be exactly who you are. 

This is the rebirth of your life. You will be whole, you will trust yourself, you will know your boundaries. You will understand how to move through the world as a powerful, peaceful and grounded being.

Live your freedom, so you can move through life as an embodiment of your true self - confident, visible, conscious and gifted.

Live Your Freedom is for you if you are ready to shed layers of inhibition and embody your gifts and deepest desires

How it works

This is a 12-session highly customized, highly supportive program.
We will meet weekly or bi-weekly and there will be opportunities for check-in's in between sessions.
Each session is 60 minutes.

LEVEL 1: Connection to Self
You have all of the answers inside of you -- all you need is someone to help you navigate your inner chaos and unearth your inner peace. Take care of your burning desire to figure yourself out, discover your true essence, ditch the rules that say you should be one way or another, and discover your inner treasures.

The dig:

  • I will teach you breathing exercises to help you create joy, abundance and peace and help you trust yourself fully. 
  • You will learn how to find the yes and the no with in your own body and connect you to your intuition, your clarity and your sense of direction.
  • You will walk away knowing how to track your body sensations and how to turn on your bodies own GPS system.
  • You will understand how to set clear boundaries and stay inside of your own boundary. 

LEVEL 2: Connection to Others & World
Set your warrior self free. This is an ongoing process of checking in with yourself and the world simultaneously so that you can attune to yourself amidst the worldly noise and chatter. You will open to your greatest sense of self & your creativity and compassion, build a container to harness your power, and fuel your own sense of wellbeing and purpose.

The dig:

  • I will teach you body movement and spiritual practices to improve your life.
  • You will become conscious of behaviors, patterns, gifts, strengths and triggers so that you feel more in control of your emotions and the way your body feels.
  • You will understand how societal norms and structures play into your own sense of safety and security and learn how to step into a place of feeling empowered and free.
  • You will learn how to create ritual and ceremony in your life to support yourself and your own truth.


LEVEL 3: Connection to Earth
Connect to your senses and bring your divine purpose to life. Access your power and potency, use your life as a playground, and understand what it feels like to honor your own authentic experiences above all else while moving through the world with ease. Live as the new version of yourself.

The dig:

  • I will teach you how to use your 5 senses to bring more passion, peace and purpose into your life.
  • You will learn what your unique recipe is to feeling confident, visible and conscious.  
  • You will walk away feeling like you trust yourself in every moment and that you are in emotional balance.
  • You will be in touch with your most sensual sense of self.

What is your investment for ultimate inner peace? $2,400
*payment options available

It's time to unearth your inner peace and learn what it's like to feel steady, at ease, grounded and FREE

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