Give Rise to Your Voice and Be the Change

An online course for the empaths, the creatives, the sensitive-souls, and for anyone who's ready to give rise to their voice and be the change.

“What makes one heroic?
Going out to meet at the same time one’s highest suffering and one’s highest hope.”
  – Friedrich Nietzsche

Knowing one’s self is an ongoing and an ever-evolving process that may take a lifetime to actualize. There comes a point in our self development where one must look out into the world in order to better understand how we can find greater balance and harmony for ourselves and for humanity at large. Empowerment happens when we bridge the gap between our individual self-experience and our social involvement.

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation,
we undergo a truly heroic transformation
of consciousness.”  – Joseph Campbell


Jen Ross and Jessica Boylston-Fagonde have come together to merge their passions and skills to help you discover and move your unique gifts into empowered action for a better world:

  • Understand and enhance your gifts, and how they can be utilized for the greater good
  • Broaden your vocabulary and articulation around the concepts of inclusion for effective communication
  • Give rise to your inner voice, your confidence and your power
  • Take your creativity and turn it into grounded and compassionate action
  • Learn how to create an identity for yourself as a leader of change
  • Move out into the world with a supportive community at your side

The work we’re doing here together will support you in your own development, your communities development and the development of the world, and will bring you into more awareness around the problems we face in the world and how we can be a living example of change in all areas of our life.


  • 10 calls in total—8 interactive, dynamic class calls + 2 support call with Jessica and Jen on Tuesdays Sept 29 & Oct 6, 13, 20, 27, Nov 3, 10, 17, Dec 1, 8 at 2 - 3:15 EST / 12 - 1:15 MST
  • a closely maintained Facebook page where you will be able to troubleshoot challenges, share successes, ask questions, and connect with like-minded community
  • this course is designed for multi-learning: teaching points, dialogue, visual slides, homework, examples, and project based
  • all calls are recorded if you’re unable to make some of the calls  

We have decided to provide a 3-tier payment scale for this course based on our beliefs that everyone should have access to this information. We know there are many people out there who want to use their unique voice to be the change and we are committed to seeing this happen on a wide scale! Please read below to get an idea of where you fall in the pricing.

$299 is our recommended price for this course. We want to empower you to pay this amount if you have the resources. Money is energy, so we encourage and support you to step into this price range if you can. What you put out, you will get back.

$199 is our mid-price offering. We know that not everyone is in a place of sustainability with their resources and we hope that this pricing will provide people with an option to take this course who might not have otherwise been able to. We would like to offer this to you if you are in a place where you are in need and also standing on some stable ground.

$99 is the price we felt that we could go down to and still feel empowered ourselves. Please choose this option if you do not have access to financial stability or a flow of money anytime in the foreseeable future, but you are determined to give rise to your voice and be the change.

To register and pay for the course, select your price choice from the drop down menu below. You’ll receive a confirmation email from Jessica and Jen will follow up with a welcome email to begin our journey. If you have any questions, contact Jen directly.

Voice and Change 10-Week Online Course

Meet Jessica Boylston- Fagonde:

As an international speaker, teacher, facilitator and consultant, Jessica Boylston-Fagonde’s work empowers people’s capacity to deeply connect with themselves and their purpose. Her mission is to help people stand more confidently and courageously in their unique voices for healing and betterment of self and humanity. 

Her distinguished approach is inspired by nearly 2 decades of experience mostly on the creative side of branding and marketing; 10 years servicing small businesses, community leaders, and wellness professionals—with a passion for aiding yoga teachers—in professional development and implementation; over 20 years of extensive “eat, pray, love” travel experiences around the world; and 20 years dedicated to personal and spiritual growth through the practice of yoga and other healing modalities. 

With great honor, Jessica offers her work in workshops and teacher trainings nationally and internationally, and online. She is on faculty and a volunteer at The Sophia Institute, a center of learning that provides innovative programs that foster the rise of the feminine, cultivating wisdom and mindfulness practices; and her work has been featured in the book, Theme Weaver.

Jessica is the executive producer and story advisor for Overalls and Aprons, a call to action documentary to inspire local communities to support the sustainability of local farmers. And, she teaches yoga for Go Interactive Wellness and is a member of the Contemplative Alliance of Charleston, SC.

To learn more about this course or others, contact Jen directly

Learn more about Jen and Jessica, and why we’re offering this course:

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