Embodied Justice - A Workshop for Movement & Counseling Professionals

Humanity is at a crucial turning point—one that literally determines the survival of our species and everything that lives and breathes on this planet we call home. Thus we are being called to unprecedented action and understanding.

Knowing how to channel our energy for positive affect is key. How do we that from both head and heart? How do we take action from a place of informed integrity? From the inside out!

Movement and counseling professionals must start working from principles of diversity and equity. Embodied Justice trains individuals and groups to understand the dynamics of justice at play within their own systems so they can better guide others. These workshops provide a safe space to discuss charged issues. 

Embodied Justice is for:

  • anyone who wants to understand the concepts of power, privilege and oppression in their bodies and the world

  • people who want a greater understanding of diversity, inclusivity, social justice and social change

  • groups invested in social and/or environmental change and interested in working with diverse communities

  • professionals who run trainings for those who will work with diverse people

  • emerging leaders and leadership trainers committed to training others to work with diverse populations and affect change

Do you or your group…

  • wonder how to offer your voice with respect for diverse communities while acknowledging your own privileges and biases?

  • want to make change in a grounded, knowledgeable, and sustainable way?

  • seek methods to transform emotions and energy into positive actions?

  • desire clarity on how to weave your inner world with that of your local community and environment?

  • feel a swell of unleashed potential rising inside you?

You know that it’s time. You know you’re being called. You’re feeling ready and perhaps a little uncertain. I’m here to help you incorporate a level of justice in your everyday life and professional practices.

The Embodied Justice Process:

Working with you individually online or at your organization, I use techniques such as education, discussion, deep somatic inquiry, and reflective exercises to help you:

  • Understand language and concepts of justice

  • Analyze how systems of power, privilege, oppression, diversity, equity, and inclusion—play out in our bodies, our lives, our work, and the world around us

  • Unpack perceived judgements about one’s self and others

  • Establish a creative and effective voice for change in personal and professional life

  • Engage in dialogue about real-life situations

Please email me about my availability if you or your group would like to host an Embodied Justice workshop.  

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