Dream Catchers

Don’t you sometimes wish you could catch another glimpse of that one dream you had?


Dream BIG - Literally.

Do you want to learn how to create your future through your dreams? As in, the dreams you have at night?


For as long as I can remember, I have been a lucid dreamer. 

A lucid dreamer is someone who is aware that they are dreaming and someone who can often times control their dreams, the characters, narratives and environments.

Here's what is even cooler.

I have healed big patterns in my dreamworld, and have done major transformational work while dreaming.  I know that my gift of lucid dreaming and the ability to access knowledge, repair and healing in my dream world is key to my own healing and transformation.

Want to learn how to do this too?

With-in the dreamworld there are archetypes waiting to be embodied, messages waiting to be heard, and patterns waiting to be healed. In this group you will learn how to use your dreamworld as a way to understand yourself and your guidance, learn how to hear the messages you receive in your dreams, and learn how to ask your dreams for answers to your questions.

Your dreamworld is an extension of your waking world.

You will learn how to have deliberate dreams and bring the seemingly UNREAL to life.

Dream Catchers is an online group for people who want to dig deeper into their dream worlds. 

Each week there will be a teaching, a practice, and 2 people will get the dream ‘hot seat’.  We will focus on real dreams, because the best way to learn is through REAL DREAMS.

You will walk away with:

  1. Knowledge of how to use your dreamworld as the doorway to your inner guidance and intuition
  2. Tools to receive the answers to the questions you deliberately request
  3. An understanding of how to use your dream-world for healing
  4. More fluidity between your dream world and waking your waking world
  5. Trust in yourself and your inner guidance system
  6. A grasp on how to analyze dreams

Beta group launch (2 options):

Thursdays Feb 23, March 2, 9, 16 from 5-6:15pm PST &
Fridays Feb 24, March 3, 10, 17 from 12-1:15pm PST

How much:
$50 for 4 weeks and I will be asking for a testimonial and feedback.

Each group is limited to 7 people. 

Contact me to register:

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