Why I am Ditching Therapy

For a while now, my clients have been saying, "...but you do so much more than therapy."

While I know this to be true, I have been holding tight to my title and my credentials. I worked hard for my two Masters degrees and I've been resistant to being clumped into a category called spirit based entrepreneurs. This is sacred work and so maybe if I continue to call myself a therapist and hold tightly enough to the title, the work won't be corrupted. These are some things I was telling myself. And, what the fuck do I call myself if I don't call myself a therapist? 

I realized recently with the help of a mentor of mine, that you simply cannot corrupt authenticity. It is impossible because inauthenticity is not sustainable. If something is not authentic, it will always be revealed in the fullness of time.

When I pause to consider what it is that I am doing with people, it is therapy. And, it is broader than just therapy.

Here is what I know:

The work is a culmination of my MA level knowledge in psychology and education combined with years or lifetimes of a spiritual practice. It holds pieces of me as a teacher of sacred geometry of the body (otherwise known as yoga) and a student of the myths and archetypes of the gods and the goddesses that give us entry way into our fractal selves. There is a good amount of somatic psychology and the trainings and time I spent studying the body sensations and how movement maps onto the developmental stages of life. The work contains my own knowledge and inquiry around excavating the under belly of my own soul, a sincere practice of how to ride the waves of the emotions and sync movement up to breath. And it incorporates years of being a social advocate. My life has been oriented to helping people and communities enter into full re-births by navigating the most chaotic of the chaotic. So what I know is that if you work with me, you are in good hands.

When I tell you I am ditching therapy, it's not to be a rebel or in an act to be above anything. It is in an act to be in alignment with my heart and the way in which my soul responds to the call of the divine. I have earned secure attachment and have clear boundaries, and I no longer feel the need to abide by a set of rules because I've never been much of a rule follower. I have always followed my own deep knowing as my ultimate guide.

Yes, we will do more than therapy when we work together -- and there is also therapy, because I understand and honor the therapeutic model and relationship and know that people can only truly thrive when they feel safe. I also will support you to dive into but not dwell in the things that have shaped your life experiences and move to expand beyond your own sense of self. I want you to be able to connect to your own heart, feel your own body, and know your own soul. I want you to understand your essential sense of self, how that aligns to spirit, and know how to step into the always fractal and amazingly imperfect image of who you are at your core. I want you to trust your guidance so fully that you trust your gifts, your purpose, your plan here on earth.

I want you to know that you are adult and that if you grew up trusting an untrustworthy caregiver and world, you have been the victim of abuse, you have been involved with partners that have manipulated you or mistreated you, or you have been inundated with trauma. . . I want you to know that you still have a right and a responsibility to your own body, your own breath, your own SELF. I also want you to know that you have choice now, and with choice comes freedom.

I am ditching therapy because I need to step into more of myself so that I can serve and mentor more people along this path. I want you to know that I do not believe in the guru model -- I believe in equality and knowing that we are not all equal yet, and I believe in sweet whispers and ferocious calls from something much bigger than me.  

Truth be told, I've been in a downward spiral since I realized that my first blog post came out almost exactly two years ago. Until I stopped to realize today that my first blog post was all about in order with my own authenticity, my own natural rhythm, aligning who I am to the divine. Do I have to tell you how often I am told that I am not like everyone else. . . probably not if you know me. But if you don't and you are still reading this, you should know that being able to hear and respond to the beat of my own drum has been the key that has unlocked the door to my own sense of contentment and peace. So I'm ditching therapy to cast a wider net and help unearth ultimate peace. 

This is my first step.

With love and a deep sense of gratitude to each one of you.