Let's Find Our Way Through the Collective Chaos

Happy Summer. I hope you are staying cool, having some fun, and finding beauty in your life. A good friend of mine once said something to me that will always stick with me. He said, “Jen, there will always be art, so there will always be beauty.” As a therapist and an activist, the roar for justice for the individual and the collective has always had my heart -- sometimes it’s had it in knots, sometimes wide open, sometimes in wild screams of anger. I offer you the idea of finding beauty around you as an opportunity to stay grounded in these times.

I also have another offering that I think you may be interested in.

The body-centered, soul oriented work that I have been doing in my private online and in-person therapy practice lends itself to a vision of people who are moving towards living in their bodies and the world in a just way. I’ve been focused on the individual end of Live Your Freedom’s overall mission for the past year and a half -- the idea of digging deep with-in oneself in order to unearth our own peace and connection, come into wholeness, and move through the world with confidence. Of course, I remain fully committed to that piece and am offering 1:1's ongoing. Additionally, right now, I feel it’s time to offer another part of myself. I have always known that Live Your Freedom is not only about repairing our individual fragmented souls but also it is about the soul of humanity, which also fragments due to trauma, story and oppression. And we are seeing our collective trauma exploding at an all time high right now.

When things get pushed down, when people get pushed down, when the structures of privilege, power and oppression run so deep in our bodies, culture, country, the land, and in our world that there is nowhere for them to go -- they explode.

You may or may not know that my career -- or really my life -- has been dedicated to social justice. The call was so strong for me from the time I can remember, that I often felt I had no choice in the matter. Now I realize that the doors just opened up so widely that I had no choice but to walk through them. My work in the public school systems in San Francisco, South City San Francisco, and Harlem, NY along with almost a decade at the University of Colorado implementing and running social justice based leadership programs, in constant dialogue with amazing educators in the field, and presenting on social justice issues regularly -- is ready to be shared with the broader world on a large scale.

I have remained clear to the vision of bridging the gap between the worlds of soul-centered spiritual work and social justice. Having walked in both worlds for my whole adult life, it seems clear that there is a wide disconnect and a wide opportunity -- and  that we need to build a new foundation gracefully, sturdily, and from the ground up.

The last online course I offered with Jessica Boylston-Fagonde -- professional and personal development educator and founding member Gun Sense SC -- Give Rise to Your Voice and Be the Change, threw us straight into conversation and creation of what’s next.  My hope is to launch more courses in the next few months —inspired by my work today and my collaborative efforts with Jess.

In our process of creating these courses, we felt the immediate need to create a space for candid dialogue, education and inquiry. So next week, Wed. July 27th at 9am PST/ Noon EST, we’ll have our first Pop-Up Conversation on the topic of Unpacking Privilege:  A dialogue about privilege and how unpacking our own can help create a more just and inclusive world.

This will be an open discussion to address the overwhelming feelings and uncertainty of our times and inspire healthy change. Each call focuses on a social issue and will explore ways to manage our feelings. Calls are supported by a social justice educator, activist, therapist or change maker who will provide a teaching moment and answer questions.

To listen or participate in this free call, go to www.PopUpConversation.com and add your EMAIL ADDRESS to receive the call-in # straight to your inbox. All calls are recorded and emailed in case you miss them. We’ll keep you updated about the next Pop-Up Conversation. Feel free to email with questions:  PopUpConversation@gmail.com. Everyone is welcome, so please spread the word!

With Love!