Today is HER-STORY in the making

There is something happening right now, today. History, rather HER-STORY is being made simply by the act of being able to cast a vote for a female President of the United States.

There is emotion, as there should be. This election has made waves.

of the largest collective waves here in the US is this: Women are rising up, truth telling, speaking their fears about living in a patriarchal system, talking about when they've been abused, harassed, or assaulted. The things we have been told to stay silent about, not only to tolerate but to live with, we are voicing.

Women are voicing their worth.


Women, friends, human beings: We need not forget that the patriarchy does not mean man. Yes, we have called this system of mis-directed, mis-used, confused, aggressive, non-generative power "The Man" because men are born into more power than women are. "The Man" has thus become the way to speak of those who have ultimate power.

Let's please not confuse men as the sole holders of the patriarchy. 

Let's also be clear about this: In a just world men would be saying, "Yes, we have gender privilege and power." "Yes, we understand that we are players in the game of life by being born into this body costume." The problem is that this is not happening across the board. 

Hear this men: It doesn't matter whether you've been the most conscious male identified man of all mans ever to grace the earth. It doesn't matter if you've been holy respectful, a goddess worshiper, or even an ally for women. If you are a male, in our culture, especially if you are cis-gender (which means that you were born with the human anatomy of a man and you also identify as a man) you have unearned leverage by way of privilege and power. It is therefore your responsibility to work to understand how, regardless of your own actions or beliefs, this has impact on women.

I want to go on the record here: Personally, I love men and I am not angry with men. I am a raging humanist who understands this systems shit pretty damn well, and I want more than anything for us all to start to understand it. Because there is so much confusion around it, there is too much blame and guilt happening, and that gets us no-where.

Men, please know this: I don't want you to feel guilty. Please do not walk around apologizing. For the love of humanity, please do not do that. This puts us in the place of needing to pacify you for your right actions, and we are yet again in the place of being oppressed -- the ones having to do all of the work.

Here's what I am saying.

Get to know this about us and start spreading the word:

"I'm a bitch, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a mother

I'm a sinner, I'm a saint, I do not feel ashamed
I'm your hell, I'm your dream, I'm nothing in between
You know you wouldn't want it any other way

So take me as I am
This may mean you'll have to be a stronger man
Rest assured that when I start to make you nervous
And I'm going to extremes
Tomorrow I will change and today won't mean a thing."

Yes, those are the lyrics from an Alanis Morissette song. Cheesy, I know.

BUT, that's what I'm talking about.

The feminine nature is creative, abundant, circular, it grows and weaves and turns and reproduces. Don't mistake this with women only please. Not all people who were born with vaginas identify as women. Or men for that matter. If you are brave enough to digest those words, and step off of the binary in any given group of people, you will see that there are always countless and limitless ways to express oneself.

Men, here's what you can do: start internalizing, digesting, and speaking to THAT.

Women, raise your hands if you have ever been called a whore?

Raise your hands if you've ever been called too much?
Raise your hands if you've ever been called a bitch?
Raise your hands if you've ever been called cold?
Not giving enough? 
Not empathetic enough?
Not a good listener?
Too sexy?
Not sexy enough?
Too wild?
Too shy?

If you've been told to smile more? Give more? Not give that much though? Give more space? But not too much?

Too much?
Not enough?


Do you see how totally insane, imbalanced, and persecutory this is. . .?

Men, start understanding and speaking to this: We are all sinners and we are saints.

All of us.

Start embracing THAT.

We need to be able to allow each other to walk through this world as the women we are -- complex, beautiful, messy human beings. We are all the many expressions of the little girl, the adolescent, the maiden, the mom, and the krone.

No exceptions.

I'm tired of comparisons, and comparisons are a symptom of the patriarchy.

Men and women, it is our responsibility -- our fucking god damn righteous responsibility to start to own this. We are not the patriarchy, we are a symptom of the patriarchy. 

The system of "The Man" has pitted us against each other. It says more, faster, not enough, too much, this way is the best way. This way is the only way.

Women are told to be more beautiful, more domestic, more malleable, skinnier, richer, busier, better mulit-taskers than each other, etc, etc.

Men are told to be stronger, tougher, less tough, less emotional, more emotional, more of a provider, more of a stay at home kind of guy, etc, etc.


For the love of the god and the goddesses, just stop. 

We are all living through an amazing time in history where we are being given an opening. The opening is into her-story.

Let's please rise to the occasion and remember that you are an expression of the universe and the universe is forever expansive. The universe doesn't have boxes or labels, it multiplies and grows exponentially, and by it's very nature it screams this: "You are all of it."

Her-story is in the making.

We are calling forward the rise of something new.

I am praying to the gods and the goddesses that we vote Hillary into the house, but regardless of how this election ends, we have spoken.

It is time.

It is time to allow women to proliferate their own sense of being: to be the whore, the prude, the bitch, the nice girl, the bad girl, the one who has nothing in order, the one who has it all in order.

Wear that pant suit today women.

But, use it as a reminder that you can wear whatever the fuck you want.

We are all saints, and we are all sinners. Today is herstory in the making.

With LOVE.