Knowing when to say f@#k off

Often times I see variations of the same patterns show up for my clients.

And in the world.

Lately, I am noticing this:

There is confusion between what is uncomfortable and when it's kindly time to say fuck off.

When icky feelings inside of your body show up, listen to them. When you hear something deep down inside that says something is not right, it isn't. Perhaps you are being mistreated, manipulated, used or abused. You may be engaging in something that is unsafe for your emotional, physical, or mental well being. Maybe you are simply tolerating a system of beliefs that bypass your true emotional state. Those feelings of icky, yucky, no. Yeah, those ones. Get to know what they feel like and start listening to them.

When these feelings show up in your body it means that it's time to say f#@k off. 

Feelings of ick are different than feelings of uncomfortable and knowing the difference is important. Discomfort is something we all feel, probably daily these days with the state of the political, social and environmental world we are living in. Working with feelings of discomfort is a spiritual practice. Discomfort can take us to the edge and help us breakthrough.

Feelings of ick means it's time to say NO.

Have you ever heard something along these lines: "You shouldn't feel that way." or "You should feel a certain way." You may have heard this from family, friends, partners, lovers, work, the media. Perhaps you read body language and eye contact like I do and have picked up these messages that way. Possibly you were not validated for how you feel or were not seen for who you are which carries the above messages covertly. 

So, hear this instead.
You should feel exactly how you are feeling.

It is your right to feel exactly what you are feeling. This is your inner compass tuning your dial to the direction you need. Your body holds the answers to your purpose, your gifts, your unfolding questions, and your mission. Your inner GPS system will not lead you astray.

You should feel exactly what you are feeling!

We also need to be very careful of the modern rhetoric that says everything that shows up in your life is a direct result of something you've done, a direct response to one of many thoughts you've had, or something that you've attracted into your life. Essentially, this pervasive spiritual ideology can lead to shaming, blaming and it can be emotionally abusive. It can also bypass right by your honest to goddess feelings.

The universe has its own way of unfolding.

Hear this also. I am not saying that we don't have the ability to line ourselves up alongside of this unfolding and make shit happen like magicians do. I am not saying that we don't receive messages, downloads, gifts, and opportunities from this very source. I am saying this: the universe is benevolent, nature is imperfect in its fullest expression, and things happen that we have absolutely no control over. It is your responsibility to understand what messages are aligned for you and which are not.

My guess is that anyone reading this understands synchronicity and believes in magic.

Also, know that life is a series of random events.

Karma is the Sanskrit word that you've probably heard people put with the saying, " a bitch", but Karma is, simply stated, an algorithm. Yes, sometimes algorithms are a bitch. Karma is predictability and the facts. Karma is knowing that the acorn always turns into the oak tree. Lila is the Sanskrit word meaning the dance of life. Lila is the idea that anything can happen at any time. It is the acorn that falls into the lake and never turns into the oak tree. Karma and Lila are always at play together. Always. This is how we get variation in the universe and also in our bodies.

Listen closely to those variations.

1,  There are going to be people, places, and things that are not right for you. This is not only okay, it is good. You do not need to apologize and you are allowed to say no. When you feel the feelings of inner ick roaring, listen to that inner wisdom.

2, Pay attention to your own feelings above the masses and the messages that you receive out there. It is your right and these feelings will help you decipher your path, lead you in the right direction, and lead the way to your freedom and truth.

3, Know that unacceptable, unsafe, not well for the health of our body, soul, heart and mind is different than uncomfortable. Unacceptable is unsafe. Uncomfortable can take you to your edge and help you break through. Know that confusion stems when you do not know the difference and we grow up in a world that does not know, teach, or advocate this difference.

4, Start learning the distinction between feelings of unacceptable and uncomfortable in your body because it can save your life. This distinction is imperative, crucial, mandatory, should be taught in Kindergarten, grade school, High School and College.

If you are saying to yourself: 

"I don't know the difference."
"I often bypass my own feelings."
"I am at a threshold." 
"I am confused and overwhelmed."
"I want more out of my life."
"I want to know my own unique self, purpose, plan."
"I am on a mission." 
"I want ultimate peace."
"Jen, you are speaking directly to me."

Know this. I can support you.

My signature Live Your Freedom Program is broken up into 3 parts:

Connection to self, Connection to others & world, and Connection to earth.

We need all 3 to live free.

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If there is a part of you that knows that you must, you cannot wait any longer, you are ready to live a life of freedom, reach out. That same part of you that knows that you are ready to have full ownership over your feelings and read your own souls sweet story. Yeah, that one. The one that belongs to you, not anyone else. Have that one hit the reply button and send me a message or contact me here.

There are many ways to kindly and energetically say f#@k NO.

As always, sending you love and the permission to live your freedom.