The Art Of Tranformation

In conversation with two different people a few weeks ago:

"Transformation happens in the pause", I said.
"Exactly, it's a lost art", he said back.

"Transformation happens in the pause", I said.
"Yes, like negative space in art", she said back.

Transformation happens in the pause. 

Like negative space in the art that is life, it seems to be a lost art. We live in a world that is overly focused on the subject. Selfies, what's next, what's hot now, what's hot next, what's now, who is he, who is she, what's next, what's next, what's next? Most of us living in the US are living in an external world, a world where we often hear people say, "I wish there were more hours in the day." I beg to differ. I want my day to end and the next day to begin. I want to feel the goddess Ushas who welcomes us in with the dawn every day and says goodbye with the dusk each night. A new day. A new story line. Another chapter.

A pause.

The opportunity for transformation that happens in the pause is rich beyond words. It happens when we slow down enough to feel and reflect. It happens when we ask questions. It happens when we breath. There is, in fact, an opening for there to be transformation in every single line of the story. Every single breath. This place of deep stillness is often less recognizable. It is the beauty that occurs in the place that is not taken up by anything but holds everything. It sees and feels everything, and of course that can be terrifying. 

Please note, you can be wildly in movement and also be still if you are breathing.

The beauty of being alive is that there are developmental opportunities that are handed to us that allow us to stretch and grow and transform by their very nature. Like when we graduate from high school to college or college to "real life". When we go through a break up or get married. When we give birth, or when we lose someone. Society also hands us developmental opportunities. Like when Eric Garner is filmed being choked to death and the world wakes up to what has been going on since the start of our nation. Like when the first man was catapulted up to space. Like when we elected the first black president. Like when women were given the right to vote. Like like like fill in the rest. These times have an inherent opening built into them. They are chaotic. Always if there is enough chaos, there will be a break...and when something breaks, it opens and there in lies an opportunity for something else to come in. Transformation is possible.

I believe we have been persuaded to believe that transformation only happens in the chaos, but I am much more invested in the transformation that happens in the wildly still spaces. The negative space. The place between the subjects. The breath. Because this level of transformation, it includes choice. 

Living in a just world means that we utilize choice when we have it. We choose to take space and take up space for each other. It means that we don't assume that we understand or that we know the answer to another person's story. It means that before we lend a hand we pause and we investigate into whether or not the other person needs it. It means that we start to work to let go of institutionalized fear so that there can be true compassion, and that we stop ourselves before we say something to someone that we should be saying to ourselves. It means we will defer to someone no matter their age, color, gender, or position. In order to employ change and growth we must choose to take up space for ourselves and each other because we don't live in a world where we all are given equal access, even equal access to the spaciousness of our own breath. 

Life will always be handing us opportunities for transformation.

The change that occurs because you give a shit about yourself, that growth is not handed to you.That growth you must seek out for yourself and use your senses to narrow in on its beauty.

And start to consider that it exists in the space in between what we are conditioned to believe should be at the forefront!