Archetype Reading

Why do you want an Archetype Reading. . .

You are a gift giver, an empath, a change-maker, and you are here on a mission. You are ready to bring your gifts forward, in fact, you know that you have to bring your gifts forward. Your gifts need to be offered to the masses, to people who need them, and to communities who need them.

There's something standing in the way: you don't know exactly what your most potent and gifted self looks like because you are standing at the edge, looking over and you need a bridge to walk over in order to reach them.

I am your bridge.


Someone once said to me after giving a toast at a 40th birthday: "You know what you do so brilliantly", she said, "You are so connected. You connect to us with all of your heart and soul, and then you make it accessible to us."

I am your bridge into self.

I will help you unravel the deepest sense of who you are so that you can connect to others and the world around you.

You will feel confident, powerful, visible, and connected and you will unearth the patterns that are holding you back from being your most brilliant sense of self. 

An archetype is. . .

An archetype is a pattern. 

A pattern is a repeated design or model that is used as a guide.

Archetypes are repeated designs and models that can be used as guides.

When you embody an archetype, that very archetype becomes your ultimate guide.

You are a unique and different expression of the same pattern that exists in individuals and in the collective. Archetypes give us more of ourselves. They help us see into our deepest sense of self and understand our soul's purpose. There are infinite patterns and possibilities out there, so you need to understand which ones are meant specifically for you.

What happens in an Archetype Reading. . .

Knowing, seeing, and stepping into the archetypes that are part of your deepest sense of self will set you free. 

In this 60 minute session, you will be able to see a clear and tangible image of your soul's purpose. Yes, that one that belongs just to you. You will be able to feel what it feels like when you are in this place of highest purpose, right action, and full expression. We will excavate and knock down any blocks that are standing in the way of you stepping into this place and you will embody your soul essence.

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Let's get you in your soul.

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