“Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.” ~ Thich Nhat Hahn

We must understand our daily footprint—to genuinely feel our feet touching the earth, and to realize our impact on the flow of life around us. It’s from this place of relaxed groundedness that we experience the depths of compassion. True compassion is a great motivator.

For over 20 years, I’ve helped individuals, communities and businesses move out of stagnation and into compassionate action. Through the power of personal and social transformation, my clients come into richer relationships with themselves and others, engaging the world with an awakened sense of purpose.

My counseling work grew from a desire to bridge my academic and spiritual worlds. I hold two MA’s, one in education and the other in counseling psychology. I’ve worked as a teacher and counselor at diverse inner city schools. As the director of the Volunteer Resource Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I sat on and presented at numerous diversity summits, provided ongoing social justice trainings to my staff of 18, and developed a 32-week transformational leadership training in which students traveled to work with communities in need. The training focused on understanding community needs, developing community outreach and problem-solving skills while helping leaders learn about issues of privilege, power, oppression, social and environmental justice.

I am a certified 500-hour ISHTA yoga teacher, trained restorative yoga teacher, Level 1 Reiki practitioner, registered psychotherapist, and longtime 5Rhythms® student and educator. As a rites of passage threshold-crosser, I hold a studious passion for seeing ourselves and the universe through the lens of Hindu mythology.

Mostly, I am a lover—of travel, gardening, comedy, nature, laughter, paradox, and equanimity. Of this wondrous life.  

Learn more about me, transformative counseling services for individuals, consulting services for businesses, and my Embodied Justice Workshops.

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